Key Personnel

    In this section an overview of the key personnel employed at Berwick is shown.

    Jon Berwick
    Director - Finance - Glazing & Architectural

    Jon has 25 years experience in the glass and glazing industry. Being previously responsible for the handling of maythe contracts in the glazing division.  Among the major works undertaken included projects for HMPs Doncaster and Full Sutton and The Wool Exchange in Bradford.

    Whilst with Berwick, Jon has been responsible for overseeing the financial control of the company in addition to all aspects of the glazing works carried out by the company.  Jon has handled major glazing contracts with bodies such as Calderdale Council, Bradford Council, Diocese of Bradford and Halifax General Hospital as well as a number of special projects on the architectural glazing of public buildings, churches and stores throughout West Yorkshire.

    Jon is the holder of a Professional Management Qualification gained from his earlier career spent in the leisure industry.

    Brent DeBoeck
    Director - Sales, Marketing and Personnel - Senior Projects

    Brent has over 20 years experience within the industry.  Before joining us at Berwick, Brent had worked in both the public and private sector.  During his time spent in the public sector Brent was responsible for carrying out special projects on schools maintenance and refurbishment works.  He has also held senior management positions with several companies in the Private sector and was thus accountable for schemes under his care at the time.

    Whilst at Berwick, Brent has successfully run major projects for Places for People and Yorkshire Housing Association Groups, Elland Mill Refurbishment, Halifax General Hospital and several major refurbishment contracts on local schools.

    Brent has been responsible for the Places For People maintenance and void refurbishment contract in West Yorkshire area.  Closely working with the technical service officers to ensure the tenant’s needs are met.

    Brent is the holder of an HNC in Business studies.

    Ian Longbottom
    Void Refurbishment and Shop Fitting Manager

    Ian has over 25 Years experience in the building sector handling major contracts throughout West Yorkshire and Lancashire.  Highly adaptable and capable of ensuring major works are completed on time.


    Andrew Robinson
    Reactive Maintenance Manager

    Andrew again has over 25 years experience in the building sector.  Andrew is very capable in terms of planning out and controlling all aspects of the Reactive and Planned Maintenance side of our business.